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A small collection of works by Daniel Rosini.

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Hey there! Thanks for visiting my home page.

I’m going to keep this page nice and simple so everyone can get a peek at what I do best… tattoos.

I’ve been involved in the body modification industry since October of 1995.  I have always been located and have serviced clients in the New Jersey area and have traveled throughout the United States in the tattoo circuit working conventions and hosting seminars.  My specialties include color realism with a twist of my own flavor to it.  If you view some of my portfolio you will be able to get a feel on what type of style I enjoy doing and what I only do these days.

As well as tattooing I also own the studios I tattoo at – Pure Ink Tattoo. Pure Ink has been very successful over the years and in turn we have developed one of the tightest teams in the industry.  I have been through numerous studios throughout the years and have seen everything from the best to the worst in the business.  My goal in opening up a studio was strictly to give clients and artists the best of everything.  We have succeeded in doing so at our locations and we make sure it stays that way!  Please visit our locations or follow any one of our social pages to keep yourself informed on upcoming events and fundraisers we always produce throughout the year.

Thanks for the interest in looking at my work and taking the time to check out what I do! I hope to see you all in one of our studios soon!




This is only a small sample of my extensive portfolio. Please visit and follow any one of my social media pages for more up to date work. If you are interested in getting some work done by me I only book through applications. Please fill one out and I will get back to you shortly.





Feel free to check out some of my videos on Vimeo.  You can find all my publication media on there including Fox News Features Videos, Company Video Stings, and more!

Throughout the years I have had the privilege to work along side with some of the most talented video engineers around. Grey Sky Films is one of them and you will notice a majority of my videos have been produced by these guys. Only the best – please follow their social media pages, when it comes to talent these guys are on top!

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Along side of my personal projects, Pure Ink Tattoo Studio has a bunch of media out there as well.  Pure Ink covers some pretty awesome commercials, as well as video stings, interviews, and marketing material done by no other than Grey Sky Films.

Hop on our YouTube channel and check them out!

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Oh, hello again!


If you’re reading this, then I assume you have seen my work and loved it, or someone referred you to me. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for you I am very busy. Very very busy. Very very very busy!
The best way for me to handle the large influx of tattoo requests I receive is to have everyone fill out a request form.
Unfortunately, at this time my books are closed. My appointments are currently out until February of 2018 and I will need time to catch up before deciding to open my books again.
We have many artists within our Pure Ink Tattoo locations that can accommodate all types of style. Please visit their portfolios on our website and choose the right artist for you!

Thanks so much for the interest in seeking me out for your tattoo. I will keep everyone updated on my social media pages on when I will be taking more appointments.