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Engaged in the body modification and tattoo industry since 1995.  Daniel Rosini has been servicing tattoo clients in the New Jersey area for over 20 years. Experiences include traveling throughout the United States in the tattoo circuit, and working conventions. Additionally he holds leading awards for best color, and has hosted educational seminars. Specialties include imaginative color realism, black and grey, new school, and portrait. When viewing Daniel’s portfolio you will be able to get a feel of what style type he enjoys working in.  For a more updated look at his portfolio and current works please visit his Personal Instagram Page or our Pure Ink Tattoo Facebook Page.

As well as tattooing, Daniel also owns a line of studio brands known as Pure Ink Tattoo. Pure Ink has been very successful over the years not to mention, has developed one of the tightest teams in the industry. Furthermore the studio’s main goal is to give clients and artists the best of everything. Experiencing studios throughout the years and having seen everything from the best to the worst in the business was a plus. Daniel was able to make Pure Ink Tattoo a reality. With the high standards that Pure Ink Studios hold, the experience you receive of professional services is untouchable. Please visit Pure Ink’s locations or follow any one of their social pages. Keep yourself informed on upcoming events produced throughout every year.


Skilled in Tattooing, Ring Designing, Business Management,  and Graphic development. Comparatively, Daniel Rosini is an experienced business owner with a demonstrated history of working in the fine art industry. He is an arts professional with a background focused in marketing and hand crafted designing. Additionally, Daniel carries his art in machining luxury rings as well with his other venture Blak Corp. Visit the Blak Corp Homepage for more information and shopping catalog.
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Daniel Rosini

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