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This is Daniel Rosini.
Getting to know him.

Daniel Rosini has been involved in the body modification industry since October of 1995.

He has always been located and has serviced clients in the New Jersey area, has traveled throughout the United States in the tattoo circuit, worked conventions, and has hosted seminars. Daniel’s specialties include color realism with a twist of his own style. When viewing his portfolio you will be able to get a feel of what style type he enjoys working in.

As well as tattooing Daniel also owns a line of studio locations known as Pure Ink Tattoo. Pure Ink has been very successful over the years and in turn they have developed one of the tightest teams in the industry. Daniel has been through numerous studios throughout the years and have seen everything from the best to the worst in the business. His goal in opening up a studio was strictly to give clients and artists the best of everything. Pure Ink has succeeded in doing so at all of their locations and Daniel makes sure it stays that way! Please visit our locations or follow any one of our social pages to keep yourself informed on upcoming events and fundraisers Pure Ink always produces throughout every year.

Tattoo Bookings and Application

Daniel is currently opening his appointment books for tattooing. This will be the only time he opens them this year, and may be the last time he ever opens them as he’s looking to move away from tattooing every day and into some of the other businesses he is involved in.

Daniel is only looking to do pieces that he wants to include in his portfolio, so if he chooses not to do your tattoo please don’t be offended, he will gladly recommend another artist to you that in his opinion would be the perfect person to do your tattoo.

Please CLICK HERE to fill out his personal application found at the Pure Ink Tattoo website for any tattoo inquiries.









Latest Works


“I’ve know Daniel for many years throughout his tattoo career, and my first experience as a tattoo collector was in one of his studios. I cannot explain how comfortable it was to be in a tattoo studio of his caliber. Outstanding quality and care is the key to his successful businesses and I can attest to experiencing exactly that first hand.”

Sarah Manellin

Tattoo Model
“He takes his art to a different level. Ring creations with a glow blew my mind back when I bought one and still do to this day. What he creates with his hands is something that everyone should experience and own. True wearable talent that tells a story!”

Michael Starvaugn

Blak Corp Client
“I’m just beside myself with what Daniel Rosini has done with my tattoo project. I have become a serious tattoo lover over the years and found Daniel to be my favorite artist that has worked on me. I gave him a theme of what I wanted, and he just did his thing! He created a masterpiece for me to wear through the rest of my life. I couldn’t be any more pleased than I am now.”

Stephanie Cirrotti

Tattoo Client