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My name is Daniel Rosini,
I am an artist.

“The world without art would be meaningless to us if there is no light and color, which opens up our minds and expresses passion.”

Daniel is an experienced business owner with a demonstrated history of working in the fine art industry. Skilled in Photography, Tattooing, Site Development, Ring Designing, Public Speaking, and Graphic Design. He is a strong arts professional with a background focused in public marketing and hand crafted designs.

“My preferred tattooing style leans strictly towards color realism.  My rings are designed with a touch of fashion and creative lighting. My photos are inspired by light, color, techniques from black & white processing, vintage filtering, creative perspective, and of course, most importantly, the personalities of the objects I photograph.  These are the projects that I have found throughout my career that I have a strong passion for.”

Daniel started an artistic journey when he was young. Just like most kids drew all the time, he made it a point to focus on this as a career.  Something to make a decent living off of and something he could have fun with at the same time. In 1995 Daniel began tattooing. After about 10 years in the industry he decided to partner up and open a line of studios that have proven to be very successful since they were opened back in 2006.  Pure Ink Tattoo soon grew to become one of the top studios to go to in New Jersey. With a staff fully loaded with experience and a great attitude towards the arts, Pure Ink became what was sought out at the beginning – a true tattoo studio, up to date and highly talked about.

“It’s an amazing feeling to be able to create an environment for both employees and clients to love what they see and do on a daily basis. It’s truly inspiring!”

Something that Daniel has achieved throughout his journey is the profound happiness of business ownership.  It has become one of his most successful endeavors.  To be able to create an atmosphere for his employees that is both enjoying and beneficial has been a main goal of his since opening his Pure Ink brand. In turn he has a fully experienced staff that is more than happy to serve all their clients with efficiency and pleasure.  This keep his clients returning for years to come.  It’s been a successful mission of his since day one and Daniel makes sure that mindset keeps the straight and narrow on his agenda.

” There will come a time where I will back off on certain projects to be able to fulfill others, but I will never find myself fully absent from any of them.  I love what I do so much, it would be heartbreaking to let go of any of them fully.  I’m in this for the long run!  I love my clients, my employees and my businesses.  They have all gave me what I have always dreamed of having, and that’s success in my career as an artist.”

My Skills

Tattoo Arts

A strong passion for color realism and custom designing. This is something I have honed in for many years and have succeeded throughout my journey.

Ring Making

This holds a big passion for me. Still young in this career, I plan to take my art experience and melt it together with this medium.

Business Management

Here lays my true passion. After all the years of business ownership, this is what I have found myself engulfed in.


This is more of a hobby than anything. I love locking in an image for myself to gaze at anytime I wish. It's a digital way of holding memories.

Why The Interest In Me?

Business Development

My greatest passion aside from arts.  This is what I live for on a day to day basis.

tattoo artistry

One of my main career projects – tattooing since 1995 and still going.

Lume Ring Specialist

Making lume rings by hand for people to wear. It’s the future of finger jewelry.


A hobby of mine that often ties into my web designing and marketing.

Graphics and Programming

Highly skilled in website development, programming, and marketing. 


These are my roots.  More of a hobby now but never forgotten and always appreciated.

Business Contact

Daniel is currently opening his appointment books for tattooing. This will be the only time he opens them this year, and may be the last time he ever opens them as he’s looking to move away from tattooing every day and into some of the other businesses he is involved in.

Daniel is only looking to do pieces that he wants to include in his portfolio, so if he chooses not to do your tattoo please don’t be offended, he will gladly recommend another artist to you that in his opinion would be the perfect person to do your tattoo.

Please CLICK HERE to fill out his personal application found at the Pure Ink Tattoo website for any tattoo inquiries.

If inquiring about a Blak Corp ring, please visit that website at