Human Bone Rings - Fallen Ring by Blak Corp Artist Daniel Rosini

“Fallen” Signature Series – Real Human Bone Ring

Fallen Elements: 18th century human bone ring stabilized and inlayed. Fused with blue Strontium Aluminate, and main band is made from Tungsten Carbide.

The Fallen Human Bone Ring has turned out to be one of the artist’s favorite rings to wear. Daniel Rosini was so impressed that he decided to engrave his signature on the inside of every human bone ring and feature it as his Signature Series work of art. Now, it does contain less bone samples then the full bone models that are offered within our collection, but the Fallen Ring was intended to be built for durability and affordability. Real human bone for this was taken from two main sections of an 18th century specimen. The Metatarsal and the outer layers of the Parietal were fused together using blue strontium aluminate.

About The Rings

Glow rings and their appeal are what inspired the artist Daniel Rosini in his journey. This adventure has continued with the addition of human bones thrown in the mix of luxury materials used. Daniel has always used the highest quality materials for every ring project, and his main focus has always been using luminescence as the staple while incorporating the darkest side of art.  Read More…


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